Hormone Replacement Therapy

The hormones are defined by the experts as chemical messengers which able to travel through bloodstream, tissues and organs to trigger different processes such as growth and development, metabolism, sexual function and reproduction, mood, among others.

In men, the testosterone has very important roles because it triggers the development of male internal and external reproductive organs in the intrauterine life and the development of secondary male physical characteristics and the production of sperm in adult life.

Likewise, testosterone is important to induce the new blood cells formation, to help to maintain the strength of the muscles and the bones and to increase the libido (sexual desire). In women, the levels and effects of this hormone are milder than in men.

On the other hand, in women the main hormones are estrogens and progesterone. The estrogens include two hormones (estrone and estradiol) and they have a very important role in the female sexual and reproductive development. These hormones help to regulate the menstrual cycle, prepare the uterine lining to receive the embryo if pregnancy occurs and control lactation and other major changes in the breasts. Estrogen also has an important function in bone formation and rebuild (along with other hormones).

Progesterone is an endogenous steroid which is also involved in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and embryogenesis. It can improve the sperm movements when they reach the uterus and also prepare the uterus to receive the embryo if pregnancy occurs and inhibits lactation during pregnancy.

The levels of those hormones decline with age, and this can cause the appearance of certain health problems and uncomfortable symptoms in both men and women. To relieve these symptoms and to prevent the apparition of certain diseases, the experts have developed some techniques, such as the HRT or hormone replacement therapy. It is important to know that in women the hormone replacement therapy is called Estrogen and Progestin Replacement Therapy and in men it is called Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The hormone replacement therapy consists in artificially administering the hormones that are no longer being made by the body or they are not being made in the proper amount. The main objective of this therapy is to maintain the testosterone/estrogens and progesterone levels within the normal range in men/women of different ages (especially old age).

It is important because, according to the experts, when men have low levels of testosterone, they are very prone to develop the metabolic syndrome, which includes having abnormal cholesterol and high blood pressures, increasing the risk of developing heart diseases, stroke and even type 2 Diabetes. So, the main benefit of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is that it helps to reduce the metabolic syndrome risk factors by maintaining normal levels of testosterone in blood (this fact has been supported by some studies).

One of the main benefits of Estrogen and Progestin Replacement Therapy is the fact that it helps to reduce the menopause symptoms, so the woman will experience less heat flashes (feelings of warmth especially in the upper body), periods of sweating, vaginal itching, burning, and dryness and even difficulty with urination. However, it is important to know that it doesn't help to relieve the neurological symptoms like nervousness or depression.

Likewise, in women, low estrogen levels can interfere with the process of rebuilding bones, so postmenopausal women tend to lose bone mass because, at a point, their body breaks down more bone than it produces. So, an important benefit of Estrogen and Progestin Replacement Therapy is preventing the thinning of the bones (medically called osteoporosis).

On the other hand, progestin is used in combination with the estrogens to help to reduce the risk of developing uterine cancer (in those women who still have their uterus) and heart diseases, which are excellent benefits of the hormone replacement therapy.

It is important to highlight that the hormone replacement therapy must be indicated and supervised by a specialist in the area. This is why these treatments are called physician monitored programs. This is because only a qualified doctor can determine the best dose of each hormone for each patient according to his/her particular needs.

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