Looking For CoolSculpting In Miami? – Here’s What You Need To Know

Looking For CoolSculpting In Miami? – Here’s What You Need To Know

There are a number of weight loss options out there, but all of them are merely promises. If you really want to shed those fats away, it is high time to consider CoolSculpting Miami. This is not exactly a new treatment on the market, as it was first approved by the FDA sometime in 2010. Unfortunately, many are still unconvinced by its prowess, let alone the benefits it provides. From how it works to what you can expect, here is everything you need to know about CoolSculpting.

What is CoolSculpting?

By essence, it is the type of treatment that eliminates areas packed with unwanted fats by freezing them. Since fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures, they eventually burst. As a result, the body flushes them away for good. By destroying fats for good, permanent results are achieved. Know that the procedure may result in a slight discomfort albeit manageable.

CoolSculpting Miami can be a good fit for individuals who are either at or near their intended weight and, more importantly, have apparent areas of fat. Meaning, the excess fat must be stubborn or it has yet to respond to any form of exercise and dieting efforts. It is worth noting that this treatment is not viable for weight loss. Sure, it is possible to lose a couple of pounds (fats are flushed anyway), but a dramatic drop in weight is not really expected.

CoolSculpting VS. truSculpt 3D

Both treatments are aimed at helping people shed fats, but the two vary greatly in terms of process and results. As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgeons have proven time and again that    truSculpt 3D Miami is a much more effective treatment than CoolSculpting. That is because the former can benefit individuals who are both too small and too large for the certain applicators used in the latter. Add to this the skin quality achieved in truSculpt 3D which is far more superior.

The two also differs in terms of technology. If CoolSculpting treatment is all about freezing fats, truSculpt 3D Miami is the complete opposite – it heats fat. Considering the different frequency involved in truSculpt, it ends up being an effective procedure. This is due to the fact that heat can effectively penetrate more deeply. The heating, in particular, causes fat cells to shrink and even continue doing so after the treatment. What is even more interesting is that the device used comes with an internal temperature monitoring capability. Meaning, it keeps the temperature uniform or even and, at the same time, reduces it whenever the skin tends to get hot.

These qualities make truSculpt a much preferable option, most especially since it takes place without giving much discomfort. Note that it uses a controlled and monopolar radiofrequency, allowing it to reduce at least 24 percent fat in one single procedure. Moreover, the device used here is capable of creating a so-called fat cell signal reduction, which somehow results in a tighter and smoother skin. Furthermore, it can be repeated multiple times if you want to experience further reduction.

CoolSculpting Miami, truSculpt 3d Miami

Which Treatment is Best For You

While it is very likely for you to move ahead with truSculpt 3D, it really depends on your treatment goals (something that you want to discuss during consultation). It is important to keep in mind that no matter how effective these procedures are in reducing fat, they are not intended for weight loss. They are more about being fat reduction procedures, both of which are aimed at targeted areas only. You also need to be close to your ideal weight, so you can really achieve a desirable result.

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