Different Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

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Different Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

By the time you hit the age of twenty five, your body’s metabolism starts its inevitable decline. When this happens, eating unhealthy foods often leads to the accumulation of unwanted fats.


While exercise and strict diet works for some people, there are others who just don’t have the time to hit the gym, the money to hire a dietitian, or are surrounded by circumstances that makes following a strict meal plan impossible. Whatever the reasons, it is good to know that there are medical solutions to fat removal. Among these methods are liposuction and other non-surgical body contouring procedures alike. In this article, we are going to discuss the different non-surgical body contouring procedures that can help us lose these stubborn fats.

non surgical body contouring miami

Fat Freezing or Cool Sculpting


Also known as cool sculpting; fat freezing is the latest innovative technology that involves freezing fats off your body. In this procedure, paddles will be applied to the target area to pinch the fat and administer intense cooling. Since fat cells are more susceptible to temperature that skin cells, the fatty deposits where the cold temperature is applied will be frozen and killed then, naturally drained from the body. It is ideally done in areas like the abs, waist and the arms, where fats usually accumulate.


This procedure is so simple that it can be done even while you are sitting and working on your computer. Right after the procedure, it is normal for the clients to feel numbness and discomfort for several weeks or months since the nerves in the skin might also be temporarily affected. Though results may take six to 12 weeks to be noticed, fat freezing receives positive response from the clients, proving it effective.



While this procedure utilizes cold laser, this is different from cool sculpting. This involves a gentle process of overall fat reduction, which results to less dramatic changes, thus, for optimal results, clients are often advised to undergo six 40-minute treatments in a span  of two weeks.




UltraShape uses ultrasound energy that is directly carried into the fats below the skin’s surface. Though the energy ruptures the membranes of the fat cells, the surrounding skin, nerves and blood vessels remain unaffected. This treatment, which usually gets done in about 45 minutes per session, is guaranteed to have no negative side effects. Three treatments are recommended to obtain optimal results.




On the other hand, LipoSonix is a one-hour high-intensity, focused ultrasound treatment, where ultrasound waves create a continuous lesion in the target area, leaving the surface of the skin unharmed. The patient is likely to feel tingling or pricking sensations during treatments that may result to swelling or redness and bruising that would take some time to heal. The result of this treatment can yield to about one inch fat reduction, which many considered to be adequate.




Last on our list is the TruSculpt 3D procedure. This procedure is also used for skin tightening as it involves deep heating of fat cells from pulses of calibrated radio-frequency waves. Each pulse wave lasts around four minutes and treatment can take from 15 minutes to a full hour, depending on the number of pulses to be administered.




Clients are likely to feel warmth and slight discomfort that might include minor side effects, like redness and tenderness, during this treatment. However, there is a guarantee that these effects may be resolved in a few hours. One to two treatments which will be spaced to four to eight weeks apart is recommended for maximum results of this procedure.


In the end, we should not forget that living a healthy lifestyle still outweighs any of these body contouring procedures. Call Slim Health Center today to learn more about truSculpt 3D and Fat Freezing procedure (786) 545-5666








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