CoolSculpting in South Beach? – Learn about truSculpt 3D® in Miami

coolsculpting in miami beach | Trusculpt 3d south beach

CoolSculpting in South Beach? – Learn about truSculpt 3D® in Miami



Looking for CoolSculpting in South Beach? – you want to learn more about truSculpt 3D


That stubborn fat on your belly and those love handles are really hard to lose despite losing a substantial amount of weight through diet and exercise. It’s so frustrating that despite your efforts in losing weight and in toning your body, you are still unhappy with your body shape. Back in the day, the only solution to this problem was through liposuction which is a surgical procedure that poses some risks. Thanks to the advancement in technology and in aesthetic medicine, there are now other options available for losing unwanted fat through body sculpting and noninvasive treatments. If you live in Miami Beach or in South Beach you might have search for CoolSculpting South Beach or CoolSculpting Miami Beach

coolsculpting in miami beach | Trusculpt 3d south beach

CoolSculpting South Beach


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that eliminates unwanted fat by freezing fat cells found underneath the skin. It uses a controlled cooling device wherein the fat cells are frozen by this device until they crystalize and after a period of time, the body naturally processes the crystalized fat and eliminates the dead cells. Only the areas that are treated will lose body fat. The areas that are untreated will not have a change in the distribution of fat cells.


truSculpt 3D® on the other hand is also an non-surgical and non-invasive treatment but instead of using a cooling device, it uses monopoly radio frequency to heat fat cells in a specific temperature level. The heat will destroy the fat cells which will help tighten the area of the skin that is being treated.


South Beach is a popular tourist destination in Miami because of its nice beach, white sand, and its party atmosphere. It’s a famous destination where one can spot celebrities, models, and other famous people flaunting their body on the beach. People watching is a great past time in this area which draws people with nice bodies to flaunt what they have got in skimpy outfits for them to catch some attention from passersby and people watchers. The beaches covered in white sand are also popular for having fashion photo shoots. This is the reason why CoolSculpting in South beach and in Miami Beach is quite popular. People who would want to flaunt their bodies in this area would want to show flawless skin and a toned body. There are a lot of clinics in South beach that offer CoolSculpting and truSculpt 3D® procedures.



CoolSculpting has its limits despite it being a generally safer and better option for losing unwanted fat. CoolSculpting can only be performed on the parts of the body that have a pinchable skin like the tummy, hips, thighs, and buttocks. It requires a pinch test to make sure that the body part will be sucked up into the hand piece. truSculpt 3D® can be performed on various body parts including flat areas that don’t have a pinchable amount of skin.




The whole treatment for truSculpt 3D® may take as short as 15 minutes compared to CoolSculpting that may last up to an hour per treatment. One single treatment alone of truScuplt 3D® can already achieve a high percentage of reduced fat.


CoolSculpting and truSculpt 3D® are both proven to be effective in shedding unwanted body fat. There is just a difference in the procedure, the length of treatment, the price, and also the results.


Our dedicated body sculpting staff,  physicians, nurses, & wellness specialists, are happy to help with any question or concerns you have related to CoolSculpting or any other Fat Freeze treatment question you might have.


If you live in Miami, you will find CoolScuplting clinics everywhere. The first step to do is to schedule a FREE consultation. SLIM Health Center is an example of a reliable and safe clinic located in Hallandale Beach that offers truSculpt 3D® which is the latest fat freezing technology that  Simply contact them and they will create a customized plan for you.


To Learn more about CoolSculpting in Miami or truSculpt 3D in Miami Call now to (786) 453-6500 








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