Body Sculpting – WHAT IS truSculpt® 3D?

Are you struggling to lose abdominal fat that doesn’t seem to go
away even with strict diets and tough workouts? Are you worried
that you won’t lose post-baby fat? Are you starting to lose that self-
confidence with excessive weight in your midsection? Would you
instead choose to stay home than hang out with girlfriends at the
beach with your bikinis on? Chances are you’re suffering from the
same frustration of other men and women not losing those
unwanted fat all over their bodies. Worry not now, as truSculpt 3D
is here!

What Is Trusculpt 3D?

It is one of the latest innovations that help both men and women get
rid of their bodies’ stubborn bulges that don’t seem to go away
whatever they do. But maybe you’re asking, “Is it like Sculpsure or
CoolSculpting?” Let’s take a look.

  • truSculpt 3D: It makes use of radio frequency technology
    that helps patients reduce problem areas around their
    midsection. The RF procedure diminishes fat and decreases
    circumference without any downtime but with results
    noticeable after one treatment.
  • CoolSculpting in Miami: It is a non-surgical fat-freezing
    procedure offering fat reduction through controlled cooling
    technology to eliminate stubborn fat resisting diets and
  • Sculpsure: It is a non-surgical FDA-cleared fat reduction
    treatment that uses laser energy to heat up fat cells under the
    patient’s skin but without harming the skin’s surface.

As you noticed, each treatment makes use of different fat-reducing
technologies to help patients achieve their results. Now, the next
thing let’s talk about is why men and women all over the world are
using truSculpt 3D versus the rest.


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What Are Its Advantages?


This fat-reduction treatment helps you achieve your ideal figure
without the downtime involved in surgeries. Busy individuals
struggling to lose fat around their midsection can achieve their
desired results in no time.

And in half the time, you are guaranteed to achieve double the
results because this treatment offers you with the most impressive
results over a large treatment zone.

What to expect – Your practitioner can combine four 15-minute
zones during one session to help you achieve maximum results in
your flanks and abdomen.

Customized treatment

As no two individuals have the same body, the procedure can be
customized to target the problem areas, either big or small. The end
result is simply amazing!

Effective and scientifically proven

This true body sculpting procedure is effective, customized and
targeted! It will help you reduce circumference and diminish
unwanted body fat using a precise therapeutic temperature applied
to the problem tissues. It can deliver the highest and scientifically
proven clinical efficacy in less the time than it would take with other
treatments out there.


The most innovative RF delivery method of this procedure
guarantees effective and selective disruption of the subcutaneous
adipose tissue without harming surrounding tissues but maintaining
comfortable surface temperatures of the skin.


Its innovative signature design ensures the delivery of precise, fixed
heat to the targeted zone. This perfection eliminates any risk of hot
spots, enhancing patient comfort and safety. Now, you can finally
say goodbye to love handles without the discomfort of surgeries or
any other procedures can bring.

No downtime

Busy men and women looking to lose abdominal fat choose this
treatment because it is flexible and non-invasive. It can help them
target their body sculpting concerns without any downtime. They
can even do it during lunchtime and go back to work after it.

Bottom Line

truSculpt 3D is an intelligent, precise and effective radio frequency
fat-reduction method that delivers you the results. Don’t wait but

schedule a consultation for a non-invasive, no downtime way of
reducing circumference and abdominal fat today!

To Learn more about truSculpt 3D in Miami call SLIM Health Center today (786) 545-5666

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